Book Publishing

Our vision is to provide useful, compelling and engaging content which will assist people to fulfil their destinies. We will focus on books that inspire positivity, personal development as well as business and lifestyle. Ultimately, we want to add value to the telling of Africa’s most compelling stories, and to give a strong, bold and confident voice to the African narrative on the continent and globally.

Since 2007, Ndalo Media has provided a platform for South Africans to share their beautiful, powerful, bold and distinguished stories and will continue to do so with Ndalo Media Books, which aims to:

  • Become a leading proudly African publisher of books and educational tools which have global appeal
  • Enable curious and engaged audiences to empower and up-skill themselves through an array of books and educational tools which cover business, lifestyle, career, personal finance, personal development and spiritual content
  • Provide books and educational tools for corporates to empower their employees
  • Provide a platform for African writers and bloggers to submit transcripts fit for publishing and aligned with the Ndalo Media Books ethos