We’re deeply committed to Africa, its people and their future. We are proud to invest resources and collectively act with individuals and organisations who hold the same ethos of prioritising service to humanity.

Our Partners

The #CHPink Support With A Smile campaign was launched in South Africa in 2001 by Carolina Herrera de Báez, Creative Director of Carolina Herrera fragrances and daughter of fashion designer Carolina Herrera. The initiative partnered with the Breast Health Foundation, which was founded by renowned Johannesburg oncologist Dr Carol-Ann Benn. The campaign raises funds to provide care for women with breast cancer and to promote breast cancer awareness and prevention. Carolina Herrera has also partnered with African Sales Cosmetics, which distributes Carolina Herrera fragrances, and with Khanyi, who is a patron of the CHPink Support with a Smile initiative. Follow #CHPINK on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Read more about our partnership, here.

In 2015, Ndalo Media partnered with the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef). Unicef seeks to create a more equitable world by fighting for and promoting the rights of children. Their programmes focus on improving the standards of living of the world’s most disadvantaged children. Unicef promotes girls’ education based on the understanding that girls who are educated grow up to become better thinkers, better citizens and better parents to their own children, and therefore the education of the girl-child benefits boys too, and inevitably, all humanity.

Play your part in giving every child a fair chance through Unicef’s Given Gain initiative.

Read more about our partnership, here.

Spark* International is an organisation that finds and supports change-makers (defined as social entrepreneurs who have launched a venture that is changing lives) and helps them turn a cool start-up into a sustainable and scalable venture.

Ndalo became the official media partner for Spark* International and its new initiative, SHE by Spark*, in May 2015. SHE by Spark* is a programme that finds and accelerates women-led ventures that improve the lives of girls and women in South Africa.

Read more about SHE by Spark* Change Agents and their ingenious businesses here.


Ndalo Media has launched a helpline to support youth and students around the country in collaboration with the South African Depression & Anxiety Group (Sadag).

It offers free telephonic counselling seven days a week from 8am-8pm, for any mental health issue, including:

  • Trauma, depression, stress and/or anxiety
  • Getting through exams
  • Planning ahead for one’s career
  • Stress caused by relationships, loneliness, isolation and social pressure
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Stress caused by racial and gender discrimination.

The service will also offer access to online mental health chats and professionals via the Sadag Facebook Friday programme and further resources via the Sadag website. Students also have the option of contacting Sadag through Facebook and Twitter to request time with a counsellor for support.

Contact the DESTINY Helpline via:

  • Telephone: Call the toll-free 0800 DESTINY Helpline – 0800 41 42 43.
  • SMS: SMS 31393 and a counsellor will call you back. Please note that you can also send Sadag a Please Call Me via 083 649 8586.
  • Social media: Tweet @TheSADAG.
  • Email: office@anxiety.org.za and a counsellor will contact you.

For any media enquiries, please contact Cassey Chambers of Sadag office@anxiety.org.za