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12 Nov 2015
AVE: R 23,004.28

Ndalo Media has launched a helpline to support youth and students around the country in collaboration with the South African Depression & Anxiety Group (SADAG). Ndalo Media CEO Khanyi Dhlomo, says,
“I recently came across a message from a university student expressing concern for the plight of fellow students suffering from high levels of stress and anxiety as the protests against fee increases exploded around them.”

The student made an open call for help for the counselling of students on campuses around the country involved in the necessary, but clearly difficult, acts of protest. The counselling resources available at many universities were overloaded and there was a clear need to make help available to those in distress and to youth across the country in need of psychological support.
As a mother and fellow citizen, I was strongly impacted by her call for help. The issue of mental health is often overlooked in our country, yet our fast-paced lifestyle – and its attendant daily stressors – can be overwhelming, especially for young people trying to cope with studies, economic and political factors, career stress, racial and gender challenges, relationship issues and other elements. The psychological strain of participating in protests such as those we’ve seen in recent weeks is just one example of such challenges.

As a result, Ndalo Media approached SADAG to work with them in launching the Destiny Helpline for Youth and Students. It’s available via a toll-free number – 0800 41 42 43 – and offers free telephonic counselling seven days a week from 08:00 to 20:00 for any mental health issue, including:

Trauma, depression, stress and/or anxiety;
Getting through exams;
Planning ahead for one’s career;
Stress caused by relationships, loneliness, isolation and social pressure;
Self-esteem issues;Stress caused by racial and gender discrimination; and Sexual harassment.

The service will also offer access to online mental health chats and professionals via the SADAG Facebook Friday programme and further resources via the SADAG website.
Students also have the option of contacting SADAG through Facebook and Twitter to request time with a counsellor for support.