Johannesburg, 4 April 2017

Ndalo Media is thrilled to announce that it has secured the licence for both the ELLE and ELLE DECORATION media brands. The licence covers print, digital, events and other related media brand extensions. The deal, which will see the publishing house take over the licence from Isiko Media, will come into effect at the end of April 2017. The ELLE media brand, which is owned by Paris-based Lagardère Active and published under licence by various prestigious publishers internationally, will be published by a 100% black-owned media company for the first time in its 21-year history in South Africa.

Lagardère Active commended Isiko Media and its CEO, Gisèle Wertheim Aymés, for the work she and her company had put into growing the ELLE and ELLE DECORATION brands in South Africa.

On the new partnership with Ndalo Media, CEO of ELLE International Media Licences at Lagardère Active and CEO Lagardère Global Advertising – Lagardère Active, Francois Coruzzi said: “Ndalo Media not only has a proven track record of maintaining stable growth for print publications in a changing climate for print globally, but it has also demonstrated a strong ability to extend media brands beyond print successfully. We believe it is the ideal partner to consolidate and grow ELLE and ELLE DECORATION even further in this dynamic media environment.”

On securing the licences for the ELLE brand, Dhlomo said: “ELLE and ELLE DECORATION are media brands I have admired as a consumer and a media entrepreneur for many years because of their relevance, global leadership position and longevity. Furthermore, they have an unparalleled power to live impactfully beyond print and that’s what I find most exciting. We look forward to working with Lagardère Active to ensure ELLE and ELLE DECORATION captivate and inspire millennial-minded consumers across various platforms for years to come. Welcoming the ELLE brands to the company is a wonderful way to celebrate 10 years of Ndalo Media.”

The ELLE and ELLE DECORATION brands will be published from Ndalo Media’s Johannesburg-based head office with a supporting team working out of the company’s new Cape Town office. The ELLE July 2017 issue and the ELLE DECORATION August/September 2017 issue will be the first ones to be published by Ndalo Media.

About Ndalo Media

Ndalo Media is a multi-platform media company which seeks to positively impact lives through the creation of compelling content, services and experiences aimed at affluent consumers. Since 2007 the company has created content, services and experiences that empower, inform, entertain and inspire. Its diverse team focuses on building strong relationships with its target market and forming powerful connections between brands and more than two million consumers across multiple platforms in more than 15 African countries.

About ELLE International:

The Paris-based Lagardère Group is a global leader in content publishing, production, broadcasting and distribution, whose powerful brands leverage its virtual and physical networks to attract and engage with qualified audiences. The group’s business model relies on creating a lasting and exclusive relationship between the content it offers and its customers. Lagardère Active, owner of the ELLE media brand – the world’s number one fashion media brand-, is a division of the Lagardère Group. Lagardère Active partners with prestigious publishing houses worldwide through licence contracts.

The brand management of ELLE is run from Paris by the International Department of ELLE which includes:

  • – a Brand Management department that ensures the quality of each local edition and develops collaborative projects, to spread the brand values and create new innovative opportunities (such as the ELLE International Beauty Awards);
  • –  a Production department that creates features and interviews on fashion, beauty, celebrities and society for the ELLE network;
  • –  a Syndication department that enables them to share locally produced content, internationally, on exclusive terms;
  • –  an Advertising department (Lagardère Global Advertising) in charge of exclusive global advertising sales for all the 
international editions of ELLE and ELLE Decoration throughout the world.
  • For any media enquiries, please contact:

Onke Dumeko

Strategic Marketing Manager

Email: onke.dumeko@ndalomedia.com

Mobile: +27 71 352 7395